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The year 2020 will truly be a mark in history considering the ever-volatile condition of global governments, economies and climate crisis around the world. However, for MHIRA this year opened up various opportunities due to a surge of interest for the development of the Hemp industry in Malaysia. This increased interest in agriculture and green technology is seen to rise in accordance with relevant global sustainability movements globally which encourages the development of urban farming and sustainability of agriculture to achieve the carbon emission reduction goals of the 2016 Paris Agreement.

The number of normal members participation in MHIRA increased by 17 per cent to a total of 345 members in the third quarter of 2020, with additional participation from world-renowned researches and industry leaders on various Hemp related programs organized. In addition, two new types of memberships namely the Leadership Member and Premiership Member were introduced to accommodate the various levels of knowledge sectors such as educational & research institutes, agriculture & pharmaceutical businesses, entrepreneurs and GLC’s. The various levels of different participation provide an opportunity for different sectors to be engaged in an in-depth discussion regarding the various sectors of Industry and Medical Hemp in Malaysia.

The Programs with the following objectives were achieved by MHIRA over the previous months:

MHIRA Hemp Webinar: HEMP101 (1 July 2020)

Online Webinar targeted to discuss industries related to hemp in general and give an introduction to members regarding the vision of MHIRA and its current activities. Besides that, discussion on legalities around the Hemp industry was discuss and certain issues were clarified with the members.

Suai Kenal Hempreneur (11 & 26 September 2020)
The Suai-Kenal Hempreneur Session was carried out as an initiative to network current industry players of Hemp in Malaysia to expose keen entrepreneurs that intend to get involved in the industry of Hemp Products. The session discussed the methods and possible initiatives that can be carried out for Hemp products to be sold in Malaysia such as in fabrics, fashion items and other forms of hemp material.

Kanna Hemp Summit (28-29 Aug 2020)
Acting as a global platform to network all members of MHIRA and expose them to relevant topics related to Cannabis and Hemp industry in the Asian region. This summit acted as a platform for MHIRA members and participants to be exposed to the issues surrounding the legal usage of Hemp products (CBD) in addition to the global supply chain. Participants of the conference were global activist and medical cannabis players such as Dr Uma Dhanablan and Dania Putri.

The mentioned events worked as a cohesive platform for all MHIRA members to share and develop knowledge on the subject of Hemp in Malaysia and the various industrial products which have the potential market in an Asian context. The participants were also exposed to views from global players in the scene on the cannabis industry which is a good drive of motivation to push the research and developments needed for the Hemp industry to become a reality in Malaysia.