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First in Malaysia to offer a professional certificate in Medical Cannabis. Our four-level, hybrid mode professional certificate is open to all industry players, including regulators, advocates, growers, stakeholders, parents, caregivers, as well as anyone interested in the subject

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Be a Certified Medical Cannabis Professional in Malaysia

Medical Cannabis

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Credits gained from the conference attendance will be applicable for the course.

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The Professional Certificate of Medicinal Cannabis equips medical practitioners with the knowledge to safely apply cannabis as a medicinal tool for patients with common ailments in primary care.

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Certification Schedule

Level 1


17 October 2022

Level 2



Level 3



Level 4



*schedules might change at later date. Please keep updated on the latest information.

First in Malaysia. In Partnership with The Integrative Medicine Institue

The barriers to research and the lack of knowledge-sharing that prohibition has resulted in numerous gaps in ethnobotanical, health and safe consumption knowledge, that public policies should seek to promote prevention and education on Cannabis products use that is grounded in evidence-based information, non-judgmental, open to interactive dialogue, meaningfully inclusive, delivered by trained facilitators or peers.

The knowledge gap on the professions required to operate in legally regulated Cannabis markets (biosciences, horticultural, agronomics, consumers good fabrication, sales, etc.) should benefit from the financial resources created by Cannabis market regulations, to fund professionals’ training, as well as cultural and environmental education. A way to provide opportunities for youth and adults with efficient, but unrecognized technical and entrepreneurship skills related to Cannabis: funding educational programs that target young adults already involved in illegal Cannabis-related activities (in particular cultivation, processing, and retail) to enhance existing skills while dignifying and preserving traditional knowledge.

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Cannabis is now used as an alternative to medications for chronic pain and other conditions.

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