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Learn Medical Cannabis and Herbal Medicinal Plants

Pioneering in Malaysia, we introduce the inaugural Professional Certificate in Cannabinoid and Herbal Medicinal Plants. This comprehensive four-level program, offered in a hybrid format, welcomes participants from diverse backgrounds including regulators, advocates, growers, stakeholders, parents, caregivers, and anyone intrigued by this subject matter.

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Get Certified as Cannabinoid and Herbal Medicinal Plants Professional in Malaysia

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Certification Course

Credits gained from the conference attendance will be applicable for the course.

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The Professional Certificate in Cannabinoid and Herbal Medicinal Plants empowers medical practitioners with the expertise to effectively utilize Hemp, Cannabis, and medicinal plants as therapeutic resources for addressing common ailments within primary care for patients.

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First in Malaysia. In Partnership with HSC Integrative (MY) and Cannabinoid Asia Institute (TH)

Prohibition has led to significant gaps in ethnobotanical, health, and safe consumption knowledge, underscoring the need for evidence-based, non-judgmental, and inclusive public policies that prioritize prevention and education regarding the use of Hemp, Cannabis, and medicinal plant products.


To address this, training programs for various professions required in regulated Hemp, Cannabis, and medicinal plant markets should be financially supported by the resources generated from market regulations. This extends to cultural and environmental education, benefitting both professionals and communities.


Moreover, by funding educational initiatives aimed at enhancing skills and preserving traditional knowledge, opportunities can be provided for individuals, particularly youth and adults, involved in illegal Cannabis-related activities to transition into legitimate pathways.

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Hemp, Cannabis, and other medicinal plants have emerged as alternative remedies to traditional medications, particularly for managing chronic pain and various medical conditions.

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