Mr Nicholas Grimaldi D.O.

Founder of OneOsteo

Nicolas was born in Africa in Djibouti and raised in the Caribbean island of Saint Martin. Grimaldi graduated from the French osteopathic school Atman in 2007 after completing a 6-year full-time course. Over the sixth year, he had the chance to meet with 14 experts and figures of the international osteopathic scene, including Pierre Tricot, Bruno Ducoux, Philippe Druelle, and the American D.O. Viola Frymann, who was a direct student of W.G. Sutherland, himself a student of the American School of Osteopathy, founded by Still. Meeting her and being treated by her 50-years-experienced-hands, had a strong impact on Nicolas’s vision of Osteopathy and ethics. Her work with children and newborn and her legacy on cranial osteopathy highly influenced Nicolas’ orientation towards paediatric and perinatal specialisation. Among other experiences, Nicolas had the chance to work on the No Finish Line event in Monaco, as well as with the ballerinas and dancers of the prestigious Ballets de Montecarlo. When he arrived in 2011 in Malaysia, he was impressed by the warm welcome he received. This drove him to consistently improve the quality of service for the patients and to build new projects to give access to osteopathic care to more people in the country, leading to this academy creation, and ultimately to a foundation. Today Nicolas is recognised by his peers around the world and the medical community in Malaysia.

All Sessions by Mr Nicholas Grimaldi D.O.

11:00 am - 11:30 am

Urticaria; the mimetic response of the ANS, pathophysiology and mechanics linking to the immune system