Malaysia Hemp Regulation

The Hemp industry in Malaysia is currently restricted due to the various laws which acts to control the cultivation and processing of products related to the Cannabis plant which is stated under the ACT 234: Dangerous Drugs act 1952. However, if observed closely, the laws of Malaysia has strict and specific guidelines for research & development in addition to import and export of Cannabis related products.

The laws cover the following topics:

Legalities of Cannabis in Malaysia – Cannabis Cultivation

Explains the background of legalities surrounding research development of Cannabis in Malaysia

Cannabis Regulation

Depicts the related Laws to understand how Cannabis regulations is carried out relating to the Ministry involved as well as approvals required to carry out research and development.


Legalities around the import and export of Cannabis plant for medical and industrial purposes in addition to the related Government Officials and Government Authorities for carrying out such activities.


Allocation of licensing to carry out research and development in local research institutes related to the hemp industry.

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